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Haryana is one of the wealthiest states of India and has the third highest per capita income in the country at Rs. 67,891,including the largest number of rural crorepatis in India.Haryana is also one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia and its agricultural and manufacturing industry has experienced sustained growth since 1970s.Haryana is India's largest manufacturer of passenger cars, two-wheeler. The state is one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia, and its agricultural and manufacturing industries have experienced sustained growth since the 1970s Since 2000, the state has emerged as the largest recipient of investment per capita in India.The city of Chandigarh is its capital while the National Capital Region city of Faridabad is the most populous city of the state and the city of Gurugram is financial hub of NCR with major Fortune 500 companies located in it

  • RTI comes into force on the 12th October 2005 (120th day of its enactment on 15th June, 2005). Some provisions have come into force with immediate effect viz. obligations of public authorities [S.4 (1)], designating of Public Information Officers and Assistant Public Information Officers [S.5(1) and 5(2)], constitution of State Information Commission (S.15 and16),non-applicability of the Act to Intelligence and Security Organizations (S.24) and power to make rules to carry out the provisions of the Act (S.27 and 28).

Today cases (2019-04-21)
Appeal Number/Reg_no/Year Applicant Name Bench Bench Type
2100/2019 2100 Sukhbir Singh Gulia Single
Tomorrow Cases (2019-04-22)
Appeal Number/Reg_no/Year Applicant Name Bench Bench Type
6344/2018 6344 Chander Parkash Single
3745/2018 3745 Chander Parkash Single
3095/2017 HARINDER DHINGRA Chander Parkash Single
108/2018 108 Chander Parkash Single
420/2018 420 Chander Parkash Single
1691/2019 1691 Chander Parkash Single
570/2018 570 Narinder Singh Yadav Single
571/2018 571 Single
9649/2018 9649 Jai Singh Bishnoi Single
9651/2018 9651 Kamaldeep Bhandari Single
9753/2018 9753 Lt. Gen. Kamal Jit Singh, Single
9834/2018 9834 Narinder Singh Yadav Single
9838/2018 9838 Lt. Gen. Kamal Jit Singh, Single
9840/2018 9840 Kamaldeep Bhandari Single
4964/2018 4964 Yash Pal Singal Single
6796/2018 6796 Yash Pal Singal Single
1384/2018 1384 Yash Pal Singal Single
6816/2018 6816 Yash Pal Singal Single
7194/2018 7194 Yash Pal Singal Single
7197/2018 7197 Yash Pal Singal Single
7922/2018 7922 Narinder Singh Yadav Single
2417/2019 2417 Yash Pal Singal Single
2418/2019 2418 Yash Pal Singal Single
2438/2019 2438 Yash Pal Singal Single
1882/2019 1882 Yash Pal Singal Single
571/2018 571 Narinder Singh Yadav Single
517/2018 517 Jai Singh Bishnoi Single
1818/2019 1818 Jai Singh Bishnoi Single
9026/2018 9026 Arun Sangwan Single
1235/2019 1235 Arun Sangwan Single
1238/2019 1238 Arun Sangwan Single
1088/2019 1088 Arun Sangwan Single
9832/2018 9832 Narinder Singh Yadav Single
9754/2018 9754 Kamaldeep Bhandari Single
9759/2018 9759 Single
9830/2018 9830 Single
9841/2018 9841 Single
1109/2019 1109 Single
9739/2018 9739 Arun Sangwan Single

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